Quem somos

Gastronomy and entrepreneurship lovers

Who we are

We are many and we are a lot of things. But for sure we are hungry. And the hunger that moves us is only one: revolutionize gastronomy.

That was what inspired Fabrizio Serra (the Gringo) to stop studying and quit his job at the distant Denmark to start our ChefsClub dream. At that time, in the beginning of 2012, other three Danish guys and a Brazilian guy helped building the business model and the decision to launch the service in Brazil was taken

After that we start to build our dream team, bringing entrepreneurs that share the love for food. And also making the food business more alive and profitable.

This is what is more important to us: that our company becomes effectively good to all involved people, restaurants, clients, partners and the ChefsClub itself.

A sustainable model, charming and incredibly tasty that is going to change your day-to-day life. Get ready because you will be a gastronomy lover too. The ChefsClub's charm is irresistible and it will leave your mouth water.





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